Ideas & Inspiration


Artworks become some of our most treasured possessions. They engage with surroundings, personalize a space and express a viewpoint, an emotion, an idea. We hope you enjoy one of our paintings every day for years.



There are so many ways to use Belle Hawk cubes and shadow boxes. They look great, and are super-useful in your home or office space.

Here are some of our favourite applications -

  • Bedside cubes for books, toys etc
  • Hallway organisation station - use cubes to kick off your shoes into, pop the kids on top to tie up laces and rest your bag on.  
    Shadow boxes are great for holding any "out the door" essentials
  • A shadow box with sliding print hung near your entrance to de-clutter your bench top (a hiding place for keys, wallet, phone etc)
  • Cubes to quickly stash away toys, arts and crafts etc
  • Bedroom shadow boxes for all those little treasures
  • Nursery shadow box with sliding print to hide (and keep little hands away from) your potions, lotions, breast pump etc